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Remove Line Breaks, Paragraph Breaks, and Newlines

How to remove line breaks?

Line breaks can make reading the text more effortless, but sometimes they can also be a hassle.

The line breaks in your text significantly affect the readability and quality of your content.

Sometimes you need to remove line breaks from your text/HTML content but don't know how to do it.

With the help of the MA7h line break removal tool online, you will easily remove line breaks from your text/HTML content.

How To Use The Line Break Removal Tool Online?

In this article, we'll show you how to remove line breaks from your text without messing up the structure of the text:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1- Paste your text/HTML content in the box at top of this page and select options; either you want to Remove line breaks only or Remove line breaks and paragraph breaks.
(If you're willing to see all your text/HTML content in a single line (after removing the line breaks), then select the second option: "Remove Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks"!)

2- Click on the "Format" button.

3- You'll see the result in a new box where there will be no empty lines. This tool will remove all the blank lines and the line breaks (if you have selected the second option).

That is all. You have successfully removed the empty lines with the help of our Remove Lines Breaks Online tool.

How to remove line breaks in Word?

You can use the "Find And Replace" feature of MS Word for removing line breaks, empty lines, and newlines from your text content. Here is how you can do it:

Method 1:

1- Go to the Home tab and select Replace in the Editing group. Or, press Ctrl+H to open the Find and Replace dialog box. {In Word for Mac, use the Search box in the upper-right corner of the document.}

2- In the Find what text box, enter ^p^p (the letter p must be lower case).

{In MS Word for Mac, go to the Search box and enter ^p^p.}

3- In the Replace with text box, enter ^p.

{In MS Word for Mac, select the magnifying glass, then select Replace. In the Replace With text box, enter ^p.}

4- Select Replace All or Replace. Or, to view the breaks before deleting them, select Find Next.

Necessary: This replaces two paragraph breaks with one. Depending on the number of paragraph breaks between paragraphs, you can specify other options. You can also replace a paragraph break with another character.


If the above method doesn't work, then try this second method for removing line breaks in MS Word:

  1. Ctrl+A to select all text.
  2. Ctrl+H to open the Find & Replace dialog box. In "Find what" type "^p^p". The "^p" means a line break. In "Replace with", type "===". (This ensures that you will replace only single line breaks.)
  3. Click on "Replace All".
  4. Do another search and replace. For "Find what", use "^p". For the replacement, use " " (single space).
  5. Now, let's replace the replacement above for two consecutive hard line breaks. Now search for "===" and replace it with "^p".

How to remove line breaks in Excel?

You can remove line breaks, empty lines, and newlines from your content with the help of the "Find and Replace" option in MS Excel. With this method, you can remove multiple line breaks in a single excel cell.

Here is how you can do it:


  1. Select the dataset from which you want to remove the line breaks
  2. Click the Home tab
  3. In the Editing group, click on "Find & Select"
  4. In the options that show up, click on "Replace"
  5. Place the cursor in the "Find what" field and use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+J (hold the Control key and press the J key). You may not see anything, but this puts the line break character in the "Find what" field.
  6. In the replace field, enter a comma followed by a space character (, ). {You can replace the Comma with any other separator if you don't want to replace line breaks with the Comma.}
  7. Click on Replace All.


The second method, which is relatively more straightforward, is as follow:

  1. Ctrl+H to open the Find & Replace dialog box.
  2. You can enter the line-break code in the "Find what:" box. To do this, press and hold the Alt key, and then enter the numbers 010 from the numerical part of the keyboard.
  3. For the replacement, use " " (space).
  4. Click on "Replace All".

How to remove line breaks in Google Docs?

The easiest way is to install Google Docs Add-ons by going to the menu "Add-ons -> Get Add-ons" and search for "Text Cleaner". Install it, and then you can use it from the Add-ons menu.

The manual method for removing line breaks in Google Docs is as follows:

  1. Go to Edit > Find and Replace, or press Ctrl+H.
  2. In the Find and Replace box, enable Match using Regular Expressions.
  3. In the Find box, enter \n and leave the Replace box empty. It will highlight all the new lines in the document.
  4. Click the Replace All button to remove all the line breaks.
  5. Done!

How to remove line breaks in Google Sheets?

  1. Bring up the Find and Replace box (Ctrl+H on Windows)
  2. Tick the box Search with regular expressions
  3. In the Find input field, type \n
  4. Leave the Replace with box empty.
  5. Click Replace all.
  6. If you see that still there are spaces left, click Replace all button again.

How to remove line breaks in Excel cells?

The method mentioned above for removing line breaks in MS Excel will work for removing line breaks in Excel cells. You can scroll up and refer to that given method.

How to remove line breaks in Notepad++?

Here is how you can remove line breaks (carriage returns) (\r \n) in notepad++:

  1. Open your text in Notepad++.
  2. Select from menu Search > Find {Ctrl + F} or Select > Replace {Ctrl + H} based on your requirements.
  3. Select the Extended radio button under the Search Mode section in the Search tab.
  4. Select the Wrap around checkbox option.
  5. Type \r\n in the Find what first-box.
  6. Type " " (press space bar once - means you will type a single space in this box) in the Replace With second-box.
  7. Click on the Replace All button. It will remove all line breaks, and you'll see your whole text in a single line.

How to remove line breaks in OpenOffice

Follow the steps below to remove line breaks in OpenOffice:

  1. Open your document.
  2. Press Ctrl + H on the keyboard.
  3. In the "Find" box, type \r\n
  4. In the "Replace" box, type " " (press space bar once to add a single space in this box).
  5. Click on the Replace All button, done!
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